To start, I want to begin by mentioning that the purpose of this blog is to initially document my journey through life. I intend to create an environment where people can relate to my past and current struggles, as well as, lending an ear out to those who may need it. At the young age of 21, I can officially say that I have endured many many obstacles in my life.  I do not intend on making my journey and obstacles seem any more significant than any other living being. My only hope is to encourage others that they are not alone. That everyone has a unique path and with enough endurance, you can overcome your struggles.  That from these struggles, you can continue to breed love and spread it unto others.  The only way to do that is to begin to love yourself.

In my posts, I will share writings such as poetry or prose that describe what I’m going through or have already gone through. Many of these can range from explicit detail about my love life to struggling with mental illnesses throughout my high school (and some college) years or even about my life in a working class family. I will also cover topics ranging from physical to emotional abuse which will also touch on personal experiences. Furthermore, I want to STRONGLY emphasize that I am NOT a professional. I am just a young adult who somehow has managed to overcome countless tribulations in life. So unless I provide legitimate resources, I do not expect anyone to feel forced to follow my exact path in life because Lord knows I haven’t always made the best decisions when it came to overcoming  bumps on the road. Any tips and advice offered by me should be taken at your own discretion.

If I see any progress within this blog I will diversify and utilize it in much more creative ways. For now, I would like to do this for fun 🙂

Due to the fact that I will be posting original writing, I want to stress that I do not encourage plagiarism or the use of my work on any other website, blogs, social networking platforms, etc in any way, shape, or form (without consent; I am flexible so long as there is credit given). Please, it is imperative that you respect the work of any author or artist. I do not encourage stealing anyone’s work and using it as one’s own. So, any images that I use on my blog are from Unsplash (free images by photographers that allow their work to be used and edited), unless stated otherwise. If I find another similar site (a different website that allows the free use of photographer’s work I will list it on here). Besides that, I will try to use most of my own photos (I suck at photography but I will try…in time). I know it seems like I have a stick up the arse but you would feel the same way if it took you a month to write a 4 stanza poem  D:  Thank you ❤